Becoming an Accredited Avigilon Installer

20 December 2019

Premium security system manufacturers like Avigilon want professional and highly skilled installers to install their products so the end-user gets the most out of them. That’s why they offer an approved installer programme to allow security system installers to get trained up on their systems so they can recommend the right one for the customer, design a system that totally meets their needs and then install it so it works exactly as it is designed to.

Who are Avigilon?

Avigilon manufacture state of the art CCTV systems which can capture crystal clear footage and are very easy to use.  Whatever the size or type of your operation, Avigilon offer a CCTV solution as their systems are very scalable and come with everything from number plate recognition to AI with learning capabilities to recognise a situation which needs attention drawn to it.  Their systems can be accessed by users anywhere in the world thanks to web-based controller platforms so there is no need for someone to be in front of a fixed terminal to operate and/or monitor the system.  All of their systems are very reliable and come with a three-year warranty.

What Being an Accredited Installer Means

Security system installers can become accredited with Avigilon by undergoing training to learn everything there is to know about Avigilon CCTV systems and how they work best in various settings.  We had to prove that we could recommend the right system for any application, no matter how unusual, design a system using Avigilon products to fulfil all the customers’ requirements and install the system to a high standard taking into account the functionality of the system but also the aesthetics as this is very important in some businesses.  This benefits us not just because we get to learn how to install these great systems which customers love so they work perfectly but also because it demonstrates to customers that we can meet the requirements of a high-end brand like Avigilon.

To find out more about how an Avigilon CCTV system could work for your business or anything about how we design and install CCTV systems, please give us a call on 0800 689 3261 or email

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