Intruder Alarms systems

An intruder alarm is an essential element for any security system, providing both deterrence and protection.

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Cutting-edge technology

All our systems are installed to comply with the latest British standard PD6662 and are approved to the exacting standards of all leading insurance companies.

We use the latest intruder alarm technology, including:

  • GPRS monitoring
  • proximity token control
  • wireless and radio-based systems

GPRS Monitoring

GPRS intruder alarms transmit alarm signals over the mobile data network, and are also backed up by normal phone lines to provide a guaranteed connection.

Wireless and Radio-Based

Wireless internet or radio-based intruder alarms can be installed where running cables is difficult or not cost effective.  They are ideal for locations such as historic or listed buildings.

Proximity Token Control

Intruder alarms can be set up to work with the same kind of proximity tokens commonly used with access control systems, rather than just numeric key-pads.

This allows for the selective disabling of alarms for certain users who need regular access to be easy and safe.  The main alarm system can remain active while they are granted access to the premises.

Central Monitoring Station

Any system we install can be linked to our private central monitoring station.  This ensures instant fire brigade response if an alarm is activated.

Integrating Your Total Security Network

Integrating your intruder alarm with your wider security network can be vital to your overall protection.

Using our central monitoring service, we can link your intruder alarms to your CCTV network, automatically activating video feeds that are relayed to our operators whenever an alarm is activated.  Installing loud speakers in your premises then means our operators can talk to suspected intruders.

Also linking smoke detectors and fire alarms then creates a fully integrated security network to protect your property and staff.

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