Date Completed

18/ 03/ 2020

The Hoxton Hotel
The Hoxton Hotel 1

An innovative space which needed a modern access control system.

Security Assured have worked under Paul Earl at the brand new Hoxton hotel, which is based at Black Friars bridge in Southwark.

The Hoxton is a lovely chain of hotels which we are proud to have been involved in.

The Hoxton Hotel 2
The Hoxton Hotel 1

Seeing a unique space like this come together is always exciting and we always enjoy these kinds of projects.

A building like this with lots of people potentially coming and going needs an easy to use access control system so we installed a brand new system which worked well with the security system they already had in place.

The Hoxton Hotel 1

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All life safety and security systems including Fire alarm systems, Refuge system, WC alarm, CCTV, Intruder alarms and access control protection were designed, supplied and installed by Security Assured with the assistance of our key suppliers. 

The Hoxton Hotel 5

The Forge, Woking

This huge commercial building required a very large amount of electrical work including a state of the art safety and security system which we installed while working around all the other work going on.

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The Hoxton Hotel 6

Farringdon Road

As a high class modern office building refurbished with new floors, staircore and finishes throughout, it was important that we installed the best safety systems to suit the application. The fire alarm, disabled refuge, CCTV and access control system we installed all had to fit in with the aesthetic.

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The Hoxton Hotel 7

69 Park Lane

This extensive renovation project took over a year to complete and required us to work alongside three other contractors all collaborating and working together. We installed state of the art safety systems including CCTV, access control, fire alarm and disabled refuge.

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