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Commercial CCTV has come on a long way from the days of grainy black and white time lapse pictures. We can install CCTV cameras you can control with your smart phone, systems which integrate with your access control, CCTV recorders with large storage capacities, remotely monitored systems and systems which can react automatically to various situations. All these expertly installed with great picture quality.

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Fire Risk Assessment

When we perform fire risk assessments, we aren’t just ensuring our customers are compliant with regulations, we are looking for ways to make the premises as fire safe as possible through practical and cost-effective recommendations. Because we supply all aspects of fire safety, we perform fire risk assessments in a thorough and comprehensive way.

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Access Control Systems

Whether your premises or site has a single front door/gate or multiple entrances, we have access control systems which are easy to use and provide the security you need. We can offer different technology to allow staff to gain entry include biometrics, key fobs and smart cards. Simply tell us what you require and we will advise you on the best system for your needs.

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Intruder Alarms

The intruder alarm systems we supply and install are suitable for all kinds of operations because we can advise you on the most appropriate solution for you. Whether you need to give access to certain members of staff while keeping the system access or need remote monitoring to take action if the alarm is triggered, we have options for you.

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Fire Alarms

Because different types of business and different premises have such a variety of different needs when it comes to fire safety systems, we offer a wide range of solutions including early detection technology, wireless systems, central monitoring stations, complete fire safety packages and fire alarms which integrate with your other safety and security systems.

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Becoming an Accredited Avigilon Installer

Premium security system manufacturers like Avigilon want professional and highly skilled installers to install their products so the end-user gets the most out of them.