Fire Alarms Installation & Maintenance (London)

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Fire Alarm Systems And Integration

We specialise in design and installation of the most advanced of fire alarm and refuge equipment to the highest of standards.

We are also able to integrate your fire alarm system with your wider security network. This allows the system to send alerts to your central control station, CCTV cameras and access control systems. 

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In our capital, we provide

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Aspirating System – Cost Effective and Practical

Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) samples the air in your building using a ‘sniffer pipe’ and a laser detection chamber.

We install advanced systems, which are much more reliable and accurate than standard detectors. They can detect fires at a very early stage, often before visible smouldering takes place and an open fire with intense smoke develops.

Sites which benefit from this feature of high smoke sensitivity include computer rooms, telecoms, warehouses, cold rooms, fire suppression environments, ceiling voids and lift shafts. 

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Wireless Fire Alarm System – Cost Effective and Practical

We specialise in RF (radio frequency) or wireless fire alarm systems. They enable all devices and sounders to communicate with a main control panel without hard wiring.  The benefits of this system include:

  • Significantly reduced installation time and disruption
  • No need to run cables which saves time and a lot of money
  • Ideal for difficult and sensitive areas such as historic buildings
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Central Monitoring Station
Any system we install can be linked to our private central monitoring station. This ensures instant fire brigade response if an alarm is activated.
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Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Modern fire regulations mean that even state of the art fire alarm systems need to be regularly checked and maintained.  Our engineers have all the training, qualifications and experience necessary to maintain fire alarm systems and keep them working perfectly when you need them.  We can advise you on the correct maintenance regime for your particular system to help keep you safe and compliant with regulations.

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Your One-Stop Fire Safety Supplier

To give you a complete fire safety service, we supply more than just the fire alarm.  We can provide everything you need for your business to be fully compliant with fire safety regulations and be as safe from fire as possible including the most appropriate fire alarm system for your operation, fire safety signs and fire extinguishers.