Fire Risk Assessment 1
Fire Risk Assessment 2
Be Legally Compliant

All commercial premises have to have a fire risk assessment carried out by law.  If they employ five people or more, they need to have a written report on the findings.  These inspections need to be carried out by someone with sufficient knowledge and training to identify all potential fire risks in across a wide range of industries.

Our team have a wide range of experience in helping businesses be fully fire safety compliant so can provide comprehensive fire risk assessments that meet regulations no matter what type of business and premises you have.

Fire Risk Assessment 3
Fire Risk Assessment 2
Fire Safety Recommendations

As part of the fire risk assessments we provide, we make recommendations on how you can make your premises and your operation as fire safe as possible.  Because we have experience in providing complete fire safety solutions, we can look closely at all areas of your business to recommend changes you can make which are practical and cost effective but significant in lowering the risk of fire.

Whether we find major risks or minor ones, we will make the appropriate recommendations to sort it and, if necessary, provide you with the fire safety equipment you need to protect your business from fire.