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Smart Home Security System

Rest Assured is a monitored smart home security system that puts you in control of your home security. Protect your loved ones and precious belongings with an intruder alarm with a difference.

As well as the state of the art Ajax kit (which you can monitor and control from anywhere in the world via a simple to use app on your smart phone or tablet), you will also receive 24/7 remote monitoring by our contact centre who will notify your chosen first responder or, if you prefer, activate a police response when the alarm is triggered.

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Alarm Installation

Alarm Installation is our thing! In most circumstances, we’ll be in and out of your home in an hour. Other than the hub which requires a main source of electricity, the rest of the equipment is wireless so there’s no need for us to run wires through your home.

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Wireless Home Alarm System Starter Pack:

The Rest Assured Ajax starter kit has an introductory offer price of £799 including VAT fully installed. It is available in black or white and includes:

  • Hub2 +
  • 1 door contact. These are to be mounted to all external doors of the property and will trigger an alert if a door is opened when the alarm is set.
  • 2 motion sensors with snapshot built in cameras. These passive infrared detectors are pet friendly, so your furry friends won’t trigger a false alert.
  • 1 internal siren
  • 1 external siren
  • 1 keypad (for easy setting and unsetting the system)
  • Certificate of compliance (for home insurance purposes).
  • Easy to use app for your smart phone or tablet.
  • No monthly contract

We understand every house is unique, so if the starter pack isn’t going to be enough for your home, you can add on as many extras as you require.  To help you decide if the starter kit is sufficient for your property, we’ve created this handy video to show you how to assess your home. Failing that, if you’re still unsure, we’ll come and assess your property for you and offer our advice. Extra items include door contacts, motion sensors with or without cameras, external sirens, key fobs, wireless panic buttons, glass break sensors, fire detectors and more. You can see the available items here

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Annual maintenance

Once the kit is installed will provide you with:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring by our receiving centre
  • First responder contacting
  • Police response (optional)
  • 24/7 service line
  • Annual health check
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Smart Alarm Scenarios

Here are some examples of how a smart alarm puts you in control of your home security.

  • You’re home late and everyone else is in bed. You open the front/back door and the beeping from the alarm is enough to wake up everyone. With a Rest Assured smart alarm, you can deactivate the alarm from your app while you’re still outside, then reset once you’re in bed via the app.
  • You’re lying on a sun lounger enjoying a well earned rest when it dawns on you that your house plants won’t survive the holiday. You know your Mum can pop round but what about the alarm? Without having to put down your cocktail you can deactivate the alarm from your smart phone and reactivate it the moment she’s left. Maximum tanning time achieved!
  • Or perhaps someone with restricted mobility lives in the property. With a panic button, the alarm can be manually activated anytime putting you in control of emergency situations.


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How do you know that you are choosing the best home alarm system for your property?

Unlike some other alarm installation companies, we are NSI Gold accredited meaning we can provide you with a certificate of compliance which can often reflect favorably in home insurance premiums. A full explanation of this and how the police response works can be found in our terms and conditions

Build a fortress and rest assured.

Rest Assured

The Best Home Security System