Partnership with North Star Cyber Security

15 December 2020

Modern security isn’t just about not letting people physically get into your building.  Businesses now also have the threat of criminals accessing their computer systems to either steal information or cause serious problems with malicious software.  As a security company, obviously, we want to keep our clients safe from all kind of threats but because cyber-crime is increasingly complex and constantly changing, we are not expert enough in this field to take this on.  Therefore, we have partnered with North Star Cyber Security who devote all their time to helping businesses protect themselves from these kinds of issues. Here is a bit more about what they offer.


It’s not a very nice thought that there could be criminals currently trying to work out how to access your business to commit crime but, just like we would look at your building and try to put ourselves in the minds of those criminals to see how they could physically break in, North Star do this with your computer systems.  They look for weaknesses in your IT systems that cyber criminals could exploit and help you to eliminate those weaknesses.


Using state of the art software and their highly experienced team of cyber security professionals, North Star can create tailor made strategies to protect a business’s network from cyber criminals.


The most sophisticated security software can’t help you if your employees are inadvertently letting criminals in.  It’s rather like us installing a state of the art intruder alarm and then having staff who keep leaving the back door on the latch or don’t know how to operate the alarm.  That is why North Star offer training sessions for staff on how to stop leaving cyber security doors open or doing things which put IT security at risk.  They can also help to upskill existing IT teams on the latest cyber security measures and software.


Data breaches are something we hear more and more about these days and they can seriously damage a company’s reputation when they happen.  As such, new regulations are in place which businesses need to comply with to minimise the chances of this happening.  North Star can help you meet the required standards and make it far less likely that you’ll have a reputation-crushing data breach.

Because this type of security is so important, we’re very pleased to be working with North Star who have such great skills in this area.  Like us, they’re passionate about keeping their clients secure and, like us, can offer on going support if necessary.  Just like the way we can offer a fully managed security solution for your building, North Star offer one for your cyber security where they keep your systems up to date to fend off the latest threats.  Therefore, whether you need a simple door entry system installed and a check to ensure your cyber security is adequate or you need a complete business protection solution for both your building and IT systems, we, along with North Star, can help you.  Please get in touch if you need any more information by calling 0800 689 3261 or emailing