Rest Assured – Wireless Home Security System

From: £499.00 one off payment, and
£30.00 / month

Wireless Home Alarm System Starter Pack:

The Rest Assured starter kit has an introductory offer price of £499 including VAT fully installed. It is available in black or white and includes:

  • Hub2 
  • 1 door contact. These are to be mounted to all external doors of the property and will trigger an alert if a door is opened when the alarm is set.
  • 2 motion sensors with snapshot built in cameras. These passive infrared detectors are pet friendly, so your furry friends won’t trigger a false alert.
  • 1 internal siren
  • 1 external siren
  • 1 keypad (for easy setting and unsetting the system)
  • Certificate of compliance (for home insurance purposes).
  • Easy to use app for your smart phone or tablet.

We understand every house is unique, so if the starter pack isn’t going to be enough for your home, you can add on as many extras as you require. 

Additional Motion Protect (PIR)
£57.06 each
Additional Glass Break Sensor
£57.06 each
Additional Door Contact
£50.16 each
Additional External Siren
£110.88 each
Additional Key Pad
£84.66 each
Additional Key Fob
£35.00 each
Additional Wireless Panic Button
£50.16 each
Additional Wireless Fire Detector (smoke/heat)
£81.90 each
Additional Wireless Fire Detector (smoke/heat) with carbon monoxide detector
£124.68 each
Additional Motion Protect (PIR) with Camera
£115.02 each

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Rest Assured is a monitored smart home security system that puts you in control of your home security. Protect your loved ones and precious belongings with an intruder alarm with a difference.

As well as the state of the art kit (which you can monitor and control from anywhere in the world via a simple to use an app on your smartphone or tablet), you will also receive 24/7 remote monitoring by our contact center who will notify your chosen first responder or, if you prefer, activate a police response when the alarm is triggered.

The detailed specification for each Rest Assured products
– Hub2
– External Siren
– Glass Break Sensor
– Key Pad
– Key Fob
– Motion Protect
– Motion Protect with Camera
– Wireless Door Contact
– Wireless Fire Detector and Carbon Monoxide
– Wireless Fire Detector
– Wireless Panic Button
Monthly Subscription Option

Once the kit is installed, your monthly subscription of £30 per month (£36 per month with police response) will provide you with:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring by our receiving centre
  • First responder contacting
  • Police response (optional)
  • 24/7 service line
  • Annual health check

All that for less than the price of your daily takeaway coffee. All prices include VAT.