Home Smoke Detection & Fire Alarms

Protecting your family and home from fire is as essential as it is cost effective.

We offer a full range of fire protection devices systems from a single smoke detector through to integrated smart systems with many devices that can work together with your security system.

Ionisation Detectors

Ionisation smoke alarms are more sensitive to smaller particles of smoke produced by the flaming stage of fires.  However, this sensitivity does mean they are more easily triggered by cooking – causing false alarms.

They do suit dustier areas, such as lofts, the area near your bathroom or rooms where people smoke.

Optical Detectors

Optical smoke alarms detect the larger smoke particles from slower smouldering fires. This makes them ideal for bedrooms, landings and hallways, and near to kitchens as they aren’t as prone to false alarms from cooking.

They are not the best for dusty areas, such as lofts, or steamy areas such as bathroom landings.

Heat Detectors

Heat (thermal) alarms detect heat (hot air) instead of smoke.

You can put them in kitchens and garages because they’re not prone to false alarms from cooking or exhaust fumes. But they are slower to respond than smoke alarms.

Get Smart

Smart smoke alarms are designed to sound the alarm when they detect smoke, but with added feature that they will send alerts to your phone when there’s a fire.

This can be critical if you’re out when there’s a fire.

Some smart models sound an alarm on your smartphone and through the alarm itself when triggered.  Others will sound the alarm through the alarm unit itself, but then send texts or emails to your phone, rather than sounding an alarm on your phone.

We offer a wide range of smart systems, and choosing the right system for you will depend on your circumstances, and we are able to advice you on the best system for your needs.

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