Security Assured Gets NSI Gold Accreditation

20 January 2020

Getting certified by the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) has meant a great deal to us because it doesn’t just reassure customers we meet a certain standard, it reassures us we are doing things right and keeping up to date with all the latest technology and developments in the industry.

What is NSI Gold Accreditation?

The criteria to get the NSI Gold Accreditation covers all areas of our business and, to get this accreditation, we have to meet a very high set of standards which aren’t just necessary to comply with regulations but are the recommended codes of best practice above and beyond the basic compliance.  Inspectors put us through a rigorous assessment to ensure all our people and all our practices are up to the challenge of delivering consistent outstanding service to all types of customer.

How do Companies get NSI Gold Accreditation?

To get this accreditation, we had to go through quite a lengthy process involving an initial application and then the NSI carried out extensive due diligence on our company before carrying out two separate audits one after the other.  Once they had thoroughly inspected everything we do, they made recommendations of how we could improve to fully meet their standards before carrying out one final review and awarding us the certification.

Why Did We Want it?

Having this certification means we didn’t just reach these standards once but are keeping to them as it needs to be reviewed every three years and any indication that we aren’t maintaining the standards could result in us losing the accreditation.  The benefit to having it is mostly that it helps our customers to trust us but it is also recognised throughout the security industry as well as being recognised by the police, fire and rescue services and insurers so they know they can put their trust in us too.

If you would like to know more about the standards we were required to meet to get this accreditation, you can read about it on their website or, even better, give us a call to talk about what we can offer you on 0800 689 3261 or email